Is pumpkin carbohydrate? Oops!

Then this is not a combined recipe, but it is pain-free to cook and super delicious and I didn’t bloat!

Like all scrummy food it really is in the marinade and sauces that get you a mouth-tingling flavour.

1 red chilli sliced finely
Large nugget of ginger, chopped into slivers
Tsp of sesame oil
Half a finger length of lemon grass, thinly diced
Tbs of light soy sauce
Juice of half a lemon
Tsp of lemon zest
Salt and pepper
Half tsp of sugar

2 chicken thighs, fat removed, spread out flat
Slosh around in the marinade
Cut an eighth of a pumpkin into 5mm thick slices
Shred an eighth of a cabbage (or enough for two)

Brown the chicken on both sides.
Add the pumpkin and all the left over marinade so it’s coated too.
Use Jamie’s trick of wetting a piece of baking paper that has been ‘cartouched’ – ie cut into a circle, and place over chicken – keeps it moist.
Let it cook until pumpkin is tender.
Check the chicken is cooked and remove, slice into 1cm slices
Just before that, boil a full kettle, pour over the cabbage in a sieve.
Leave the cabbage in the sieve until the chicken and pumpkin is served
Drain the cabbage and place on plate with knob of butter
Add a little water to the pan, sizzle and pour juice over chicken.

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