We women in the McDonald/Blew/Blumson/Lowrie family have suffered variously from irritable bowel syndrome, bilious attacks, bloating, gastritis and constipation.

Clearly, we are very much what we ate.  Distended, nauseous, uncomfortable, grumpy, gurgling and liverish.  Life is not actually a bowl of cherries when every time you eat (incorrectly),  you could cheerfully slit you throat!

In 2008, the McDonalds discovered Sherry Brescia’s Great Taste No Pain.  She spoke about acid and alkaline foods and how, when incorrectly combined, they could create all sorts of intestinal issues.  We bought her book and lead by Kalai and Cressida, followed the diet slavishly for months.

Her theory was that you just do not mix carbohydrates and proteins EVER in one meal.   You separate them by 3 hours.  And you NEVER eat fruit with anything but itself.  SIgh, all those delicious meat dishes with mangos and cranberries.  Gone for ever.

Still, the effects were fantastic.  Mostly, we could eat without wanting to curl up into a ball in bed shortly afterwards.  Sluggish bowels began to look almost athletic.  The constant cry of ‘I feel sick’,  waned, not quite disappeared.  We did not have to wear ear plugs to avoid hearing the grinding and wringing of food as it blurped its way down alimentary canals.  No one had to make friends with the loo in the night.

It was not that difficult.  In fact, the challenge to make delicious, well combined meals became a goal.  Over the years, we have weakened often. We have discovered you can get away with the odd day of mis-combining, but keep it up and very soon all the same symptoms loom large again.

Eating has changed again

Latterly, things have changed again.

With the introduction of SIBO into the family and various other illnesses, our diet has taken a ‘high protein/high good fat and little or no carbohydrates’ turn.  Not all of us, not all of the time, but as a family, we’re increasingly aware of how the wrong food literally makes you sick.

People seem almost to accept that food makes them sick!

We have also found that our problems are largely everyone else’s problems too.  What a terrible state we are all in, in our busy western lives!  Eating the right food just seems way to hard for most people, even if it makes sense and makes them feel so much better.

So the idea for this website – painfree eating was born.  Pain free because eating this way will not make you sick and pain free because it is simple and easy to make.

We invite you all to see what works for you, to eat well and feel better and to contribute to this site, so that it will become a fabulous resource of the most delicious, easy to make, tasty food that will not make you feel sick.

Add just one good thing a day to what you do to aid your health.  If it feels overwhelming to start, just try one meal at a time.

Here’s to your pain free eating!  Sandy, Zanny, Kalai and Cressida, and Ronda.

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  1. Melanie Kissell
    Melanie Kissell says:

    Hi Sandy

    I had NO idea you started this blog some time ago. Thanks so much for passing along the link via our Word Carnival group. I have a hunch a few of our fellow carnies will be stopping by to give Pain Free Eating a read. 🙂

    ” … hearing the grinding and wringing of food as it blurped its way down alimentary canals.” Not exactly music to your ears, is it? 🙁 Sometimes it’s so loud, I think my neighbors can hear it. LOL!

    “No one had to make friends with the loo in the night.” Amen! That’s one of my goals, Sandy, and it’s a big one. 🙂

    For years I suspected carbs were the culprit for me. Really happy to read Sherry’s advice about never combining proteins and carbs in the same meal. May not make much sense to others but it sure rings a bell for me!



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