Green goodness in a glass

A client introduced me to this goodness one day.

For eight weeks I made and ate/drank this drink. It set me up for months of wellness and regularity. Time to get back to it.

The Ingredients
Fleshy parts of two kale leaves (I grew them for a while. They grow like weeds, but the cabbage butterflies also love them and it appears to make them regular too!)
Large Cos leaf
Handful of small spinach leaves
Half a banana
Half a Kiwi fruit
Half a lemon squeezed
1 tsp of spirulina
1 tsp of bee pollen
1 tsp of Macca Powder
1 dried fig (optional, but I liked it)
Cup of water or preferably Coconut water
If you use water, add a tsp of dessicated coconut

Pop all the ingredients into a blitzer of some sort. We used to just have a blender, now we have a Ninja thing which is like a Nutribullet.  Whizz until all the chunky bits are drinkable.