Craig’s Apollo Bay holiday-home, super salad dressing

PLEASE NOTE:  Not SIBO or Fructose Intolerant friendly!

We needed a fresh green salad to make up for a weekend of indulgence. The Queen’s birthday long winter weekend in Apollo Bay. Fabulous, long hours lying around in front of the fire, listening to the waves crash on the rocks, reading and talking to old friends.

Lots of eating and drinking, wintery-type food (read high levels of carbohydrate), mixed in with delicious cheeses and, because it is a long weekend, maybe more indulgence than is good for our alimentary canals.

Craig whipped up this quick salad dressing from the ingredients, typical to those you might find in the average holiday home anywhere in the world. Well, perhaps not quite, this is a sophisticated bunch of people, who have been eating together

Craig’s Apollo Bay Super Salad Dressing
1/3 Vinegar (balsamic vinegar and white wine vinegar mixed, equal parts)
1/3 Soy sauce
1/3 Oil (olive oil and a sesame oil mixed to taste)
2 tbspns Sweet chilli (or to taste)
Dash of mint sauce
Dried chilli flakes to taste (diced fresh chilli can be substituted)

Mix it well and spoon liberally over any salad mix. Goes particularly well with rocket and parsley.

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